L'Occitane en Provence

Icons - Global redesign

Due to a large number of different designers who worked on them, the icons on the brand's sites are not harmonized in their weight, design or feel. This also adds to a technical need for performance gain by no longer using a font.

Lead UI Designer in charge of the harmonization and establisment of new icon's rules for the web part.

Partners in crime

Guillaume Belleuvre
IT Digital Manager in charge of the Front-end developping team.

Laura Viana
UI Designer in charge of the project's follow up.

Project's conduct

Vue d'un tableau excel regroupant une liste d'icônes, leur nom, leur taille,etc.


Inventory of all existing icons on L'Occitane websites and their current use.


Sorting, hierarchy and prioritization of the census.
Also first work of rationalization by tagging all the duplicates, as well as the icons which can be replaced by others.

Menu textuel présentant toutes les icônes, composé de 9 catégories principales.
Lignes d'icônes présentant différentes tailles et types de dessin pour 2 icônes différentes: un cadeau et un calendrier.


Alignment with the Front-end development team to establish a common nomenclature. Series of tests to create new design rules and to optimize the svg export method as much as possible. Creation of an Illustrator template.


Once all the rules have been established, and following the validated prioritization, the true conception of all the icons starts.

Vue du logiciel Illustrator avec la création d'une icône.
del-shipping del-clock del-schedule-s-m del-click-collect-s-m del-time del-store del-buy del-preparation del-sent del-delivered del-return pro-baby pro-favorite pro-favorite-chosen-l pro-filter pro-refill pro-autorep pro-promotion pro-gift pro-gift-chosen pro-recycle pro-review pro-cream pro-tube pro-product pro-multisize

What's next ?

The project was put on hold during 2019, but it was relaunched at the end of the year and should therefore be continued and implemented during 2020.